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$ 18

YOU DESERVE A MARGARITA WITH A KICK - Collins Jalapeno Margarita mixer is the perfect balance of heat and sweet. Whether you enjoy margaritas frozen or on the rocks, use Collins Jalapeno Margarita mix for the perfect spicy marg every time.

MADE WITH REAL CITRUS JUICE, JALAPENO PUREE, AND REAL SUGAR - Crafted with real green jalapenos and citrus juice, Collins Jalapeno Margarita Mix is a hot take on the classic marg. We blended the perfect balance of spice and zest--just measure and enjoy!

JUST ADD TEQUILA TO CREATE THE PERFECT JALAPENO MARGARITA - Collins Jalapeno Margarita mix is the ideal balance of sweet, tart and spicy. Recipe and recommended ratios included on each bottle. Try mezcal for a rich, smoky jalapeno margarita.

CRAFT COCKTAILS, NO CRAFTING REQUIRED - Collins supplies cocktail drinkers with quality staples for their home bar. Formulated with professional bartenders, Collins mixers are made with real juice and real sugar. Enjoy a quality drink at home!

Ships from San Francisco, typically on the next business day. Same day in-store pickup also available. Shop SF