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$ 29

Soda glass

Designed to celebrate the beauty of leaves growing and roots extending into the water. The transparent vase allows you to closely observe plants in all their beauty. The Aqua Culture Vases are composed of 2 parts "•the plate and the vase; making it very easy to take care of your plants. The plate supports the growing leaves of plants and herbs and is also perfectly shaped for bulbs like hyacinth and seeds like avocado.

The vase is suitable for various kinds of green, and such an elegant accent to your interior. Aqua Culture Vase is also available in Small.   Office green increases productivity And it is not only a matter of aesthetics. Did you know that even a single plant on or near your desk has a proven effect on both your mental and physical health, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress? Adding plants to your work environment has a great calming effect, making the workspace instantly more enjoyable to be in.

Plants make us feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. All these positive effects even result in a heightened productivity and creativity.

Ships from San Francisco, typically on the next business day. Same day in-store pickup also available.
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