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$ 76

Organize your magazine collection, while adding a warm, decorative touch to your space. A versatile and modern storage solution to place by your sofa, desk or console, Arling keeps your favorite, magazines, books, records or catalogs close by. Crafted of natural bentwood, this freestanding magazine rack complements a variety of palettes while showcasing your magazines and records with its open V-shape design. Measures 16 (41 cm) x 6 (15 cm) x 15.5 (39 cm) inches.

MODERN MAGAZINE RACK: This magazine rack has a modern, streamlined silhouette that is easy to place by your sofa, console or desk to provide both function and style

OPEN DISPLAY: Arling s V-shaped, open design, allows you to easily grab your magazine or record of choice, while showing off a variety of cover artworks

NATURAL WOOD FINISH: Arling s natural wood finish, is both durable and unique, adding a subtle warm touch to your space while complementing multiple color palettes

HIGH-QUALITY: This versatile magazine rack is made of high-quality natural bentwood that is made to last


15.75 x 7.5 x 15.2 in.

The Aged Walnut was discontinued by the manufacturer.

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