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$ 179

For the astute coffee drinker, nothing is more important than flavor. The classic, Italian cooktop espresso maker, also known as a ‘œMoka Pot‘, is the utmost tool for creating a professional, full-bodied brew at home.

Dimension: 4" x  7"H
Volume:  9  oz

How to make an espresso

  • Fill the base with water to just below the safety valve
  • Insert the funnel filter
  • Loosely fill the funnel filter with finely ground espresso coffee, without overfilling
  • Screw the top section firmly onto the base
  • Place the espresso maker on low to medium heat
  • The coffee will then rise into the top section.
  • When the espresso maker starts a gurgling sound, take it off the heat and wait for the noise to stop.
  • Carefully open the lid, stir the espresso
  • The brewing takes 4‘“6 minutes, depending on the intensity of heat

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