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$ 29

Small tagines are crafted from hand-thrown stoneware in soft-lined, sophisticated shapes. The beautiful earthy color in the pieces is achieved through pigments in the clay, with subtle tonal variations that are brought to life in the firing process.

The uniqueness of the pieces is enhanced by the unglazed bisque exteriors and the clear-glazed interior surfaces.

Each of the five diminutive tagines is sized for serving sauces and condiments.

A : 2 7/8"dia x 3"h
B : 3 1/2"dia x 3 3/8"h
C : 4 1/8"dia x 4 1/4"h
D : 4 7/8"dia x 5"h
E : 5 3/8"dia x 5 5/8"h

Ships from San Francisco, typically on the next business day. Same day in-store pickup also available. Shop SF