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$ 145

No more throwing wet towels, clothing or bags on to a cluttered chair at the end of your busy day. With this innovative organizational storage solution, you can neatly hang your belongings without worrying about wrinkles or unwanted clutter. Umbra s expandable Hub Ladder is an extremely stylish and modern organizational clothes rack that can also be used as a bathroom towel rack or for blanket storage. Great for any room, its adjustable size ensures it fits wherever it s needed most in both large and small spaces. Hub measures 60 inches x 16 inches and its width expands up to 24 inches allowing it to hold larger items such as towels or linens. Made of solid ash wood and powder-coated steel, this innovative storage solution is the ideal towel rack, blanket rack, or clothing organizer. Note: Hub Ladder is not intended for climbing, with a maximum weight of 5lbs per rail.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZER: Hub can be used to display beautiful linens or to organize a pile of clothing. Built into this storage ladder is four notched hooks running along the sides that create hanging space. Hub is strong enough to hang heavy items such as jeans and jackets.

ADJUSTABLE ORGANIZATIONAL LADDER: Hub Ladder is lightweight, easy to carry, and expandable, allowing it to fit into any sized space. Four notched hooks running along the sides provide even more hanging space for whatever you need

EXPANDS TO FIT MULTIPLE SPACES: Hub is 60-inches tall and the width expands from 16 to 24-inches, making this piece suitable for multiple spaces, serving as sleek and compact storage.

MODERN USE OF MATERIALS: This organizer is made of solid ash wood and painted steel for a piece that is both beautiful, versatile and durable

DECORATIVE USE ONLY: Hub Ladder is not intended for climbing and has a maximum weight of 5 lbs per rail


26.5 x 1.63 x 60 in.

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