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$ 12

A modern, bathroom tumbler, part of an apothecary-inspired bath collection. Introducing the Junip Tumbler by Umbra x Gensler. This tumbler and the other pieces in the Junip collection were inspired by apothecary bottles and have a weighted look, with rounded lines. The tumbler has a modern, metallic finish, that adds a pop of sheen. A great accessory for your tooth brushing routine, this modern bath tumbler measures 2¾ x 2¾ x 4 inches. Junip's amenity tray functions as a modern take on the apothecary shelf and can be used to house the collection's canister, soap dish and phone holder. A Leisurely and Elegant Collection: The accessories in this line co-ordinate beautifully with each other, featuring the same finish and lines, but different proportions, creating a casual, chic vibe for your washroom.
MODERN, METAL TUMBLER: This modern and metallic has a lovely weight to it, beautiful rounded lines, an eye-catching finish and adds a pop of sheen to your counter space
UMBRA x GENSLER: Gensler, the world’s leading collaborative design firm has partnered with Umbra on two apothecary-inspired bath collections after identifying a need for better bathroom accessories in luxury hotels
INSPIRED BY THE TRADITIONAL APOTHECARY: Junip's bottles have a nice weight to them, a fresh, modern finish, and chrome accents. This collection’s amenity tray functions as a modern take on the apothecary shelf and you can place other items from this collection on it.
COMPLEMENTARY SHAPES: While they share lines and finishes, the accessories in the Junip collection are diverse in style, with shapes that are carefully coordinated rather than rigorously matched, giving this collection a leisurely, refined look
RESIN: This collection is made of resin looks polished and contemporary, but still soft and inviting, thanks to the rounded lines seen throughout the collection
Stainless Steel
2.75 x 2.75 x 4 in

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