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$ 28

Inspired by vintage Nordic design, this pressed walnut tray adds an element of sophistication and an organic warmth to your slow coffee ritual.

Lightweight and durable with a special coating that prevents items from sliding, the Slow Coffee Style Nonslip Tray is elegant and practical for use in various applications.

Available in Small and Large sizes.

Valuing the balance between usability and aesthetics, Kinto works to create products that will inspire and provide fulfillment with each touch and use. Whether blending naturally into your living space or adding a touch of colour to your everyday life, Kinto products are designed with creativity, thoughtfulness, and an ease of use that comforts the senses and fosters a growing fondness over time.

Guided by the moments and stories that enrich your life, Kinto stands for the simple joy that comes from finding things that feel just right in your hands.

Ships from Southern CA. Typically ships within 4 business days .