Spirituality in Baltic countries is still alive, it may be seen through poetry, music and art of weaving. one can discover it through the rich and various geometrical shapes
Meaningful, those shapes might be found into stone alignments, runes, weaving and embroideries on traditional garments, throughout all Baltic countries.

Thanks to a handwoven technique on traditional looms, MiLLE et CLAiRE re-think those geometric symbols in the design of this collection MiLLE et CLAiRE designers present the Baltic fabrics and know-hows in a new light.

All patterns are handwoven on traditional looms. All weaving patterns made in 100% wool are specially conceived by MiLLE et CLAiRE.

The Mara blanket might be either used as a blanket or throw.

62" x 82"

100% pure woven wool

Dry clean

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