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$ 159

This new collection is inspired by the traditional skills of the weavers of Himalaya.

Wild nettle, an ecologically precious raw material, considered as the mystic plant of the Himalaya, is one of the finest fibers in the world.  (Nettle is a positive and protective fiber thanks to its balanced electromagnetic field.)  Softened with clay, the transformation of the wild nettle into yarns is made with natural processes, respectful of men and nature.

The nettle strength and the remarkable irregular, hand-spun and hand-woven patterns' aesthetic emphasize the off-white shades of threads and texture variations. 

The SEMA designs, woven on both sides, are inspired by the tribal ornaments of the
North Eastern Indian heritage

100% nettle

Our cruelty-free ECO-Cushion insert is unbleached and filled with 100% recycled content fiber—soft and responsible.

Dry clean