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$ 49 $ 69

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Intricate and feminine, this gorgeous Tyvek ® lantern is punched with a rose floral motif.

The Prism is the latest addition to our Tyvek® product line. With a new geometric prism shaped structure – and a rare nautilus punch pattern – this lantern is unlike anything we have ever seen! Eye candy for fans of rose and pearl color tones and faceted jewel shapes, the Prism pairs especially well with other Stella lanterns. Available in a rich Metallic Orchid color or classic Pearl, the Prism glows from the inside out!  Solar Lanterns are equipped with one AAA rechargeable battery, solar panel, dual white LED lights and stainless steel hardware. Can accordian-close flat for easy storage or gift wrapping. Designed for outdoor use.

11x10x10 in.

Weather-resistant, Ultra-durble Tyvek

1 year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

AAA rechargeable battery, sunlight to charge, darkness to active light

Ships from Western US.
Typically ships within 4 business days.