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$ 48

The rustic Valley Tray is derived directly from nature and shaped to be a unique feature in your home. Found by the riverbeds in Indonesia the Riverstone rock is handpicked by locals and turned into kitchenware with a raw look and deep history. The Valley Tray has a polished inner but a rough edge, which makes it a piece that stands out on your table. Note that the trays are made in stones from nature, therefore both expression and sizes will vary.

Use the Valley tray to bring edge and rawness to your table setting. Valley is ideal for small appetizers or decorative elements on the table.

The tray is made of riverstone and therefore has a raw tactile surface and a polished centre so it is usable for food and interior use. Every tray naturally has a different look, size and shape.

Use it for dinner parties or if you want to bring life to your everyday table setting. Can also be used as for example a bowl for soap in the bathroom.

The Muubs design philosophy aims to find beauty in imperfection, and to imbue storage solutions, tableware, and home accessories with the beauty of nature. Natural Scandinavian design.

Riverstone - each one will be unique

From Indonesia

Ships from San Francisco, typically on the next business day. Same day in-store pickup also available.
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