The Best "Zoom-Worthy" Mugs for Your Next Video Call

The Best

Stag and Manor rounds up the best mugs that'll make your coworkers jealous on your next video-call. 


1. Two-tone ceramic mugs

japanese style espresso mug
This series of mugs has a humble yet dignified character. The natural texture of the clay peeks out at the base below a layer of calm colored glazing, the edges are reminiscent of quarried stone.


2. Morandi stone mugs

Bauhaus sensibility in mind, each Morandi mug in the collection is shaped with minimal, clean architectural lines. The heavier base will ensure to not tip over onto your keyboard.


3. Earthenware mugs

This white reactive glaze will dazzle in the camera next time you're on a video-conference.


4. Copper mugs

This mug has a timeless design of a pure copper body and comfortable smooth tear drop shape that will last you a lifetime. You can be proud to show off your favorite beverages in this classic, artisan crafted mug.


View more cups and mugs that'll steal the attention on your next video call here:

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