Design Support

STAG & MANOR is passionate about warm, comfortable, spirited-modern design, and we’d love to offer our ideas and resources to anyone who would like them.  Whether you’re interested in mid-century modern, skandi, japandi, boho, futurism, or any other design style or trend, we’d love to help.

Simple design questions or advice are welcome anytime for free via our contact form below or email (  

Send us a pic of a room that you want ideas for with a short description of your goal, and see what you get back?  It’s really that simple.

If you’d like us to fully design a room for you, we’ll guide you through the proposal process and offer a free quote (for as low as $50 for the simplest projects) to fulfill any request that comes to us, with no obligation.

So just ask—it can’t hurt!



You can also peruse our Pinterest boards for inspiration as much as you like.  Dig in, get ideas, and connect with us!


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