BUCK$ are ‘thank you’s we give you for shopping with STAG & MANOR, because frankly, we want to see you come back.  The more you spend, the more you earn, and they can be saved up to buy something big, or used a little at a time each time you shop.  BUCK$ are held in your STAG & MANOR customer account and made available whenever you check out.  

You can share or gift BUCK$ to anyone--similar to giving an electronic gift certificate.  Your recipient will receive an email with a redemption code that they can use while checking out to pay for all the things they want.


BUCK$ are associated with the email address you used to make the purchase that earned you the BUCK$.  In order to use those BUCK$, you need to log into STAG & MANOR with that same email address.  

If you’ve never logged in before, just press the account icon on the sidebar (or next to the mobile menu ☰), and then click Create your password.  You’ll be prompted to set up a password which will include verifying your email address belongs to you.  Once your password is activated, and you’re logged in, you’ll see a BUCK$ button at the bottom of your active shopping cart.

When you’re ready to check out, press the BUCK$ button at the bottom of your active cart and choose how many BUCK$ you’d like to apply to your order.  You can’t apply more BUCK$ than the total of your order, but you can apply any amount under your total—giving you fully flexibility in how you use your BUCK$.

Unfortunately, BUCK$ can’t be used in the same transaction as any other coupon or discount code you may have—it’s a software limitation that we’re having to live with for now   You’ll want to decide between using BUCK$ or using any other discounts or coupons before checking out, but since BUCK$ will be saved in your account for whenever you want them, you’ll probably want to use other discounts or coupons which expire first.


Because we like you, we have a feeling we'd like your friends.  If you refer them to us, and they spend some money, we'll deposit 2.5% of their purchases into your BUCK$ account, just for referring them to us.  And don't worry, they'll only get one email from us to say hi until they choose to sign up for more, and we won't share anyone's info with anyone else.  We're not into bugging people.

To refer a friend:

  • Go to your Account page and click on Manage Your BUCK$ below your address(es)
  • Click SEND A REFERRAL in your Referrals balance square
  • Enter your friend's name, email address, and a personal message so they know it's really from you
  • Click SEND


While you earn BUCK$ whenever you make STAG & MANOR purchases, you can buy more BUCK$ to use, share, or gift anytime.

  • Add as many Gift of BUCK$ to your shopping cart as you like
  • Complete your checkout as normal. (Note: Our shopping cart always allows you to choose a donation recipient. In the case of purchasing BUCK$, donations will be chosen and recorded by your BUCK$ recipient when they checkout.)
  • Your purchased BUCK$ will be deposited into your STAG & MANOR account within 24 hours of your payment being confirmed


You can share your BUCK$ whenever you want, with whomever you want.

  • Go to your Account page and click on Manage Your BUCK$ below your address(es)
  • Click WITHDRAWAL below your balance on the MY BUCK$ ACCOUNT page and enter the amount of BUCK$ you’d like to share or gift (ex. 25.00) Just like at the bank, you can only withdraw what you have If you want to buy more BUCK$ to share or gift, follow the steps above to BUY MORE BUCK$.
  • Click REDEEM.  You'll see a message that says your BUCK$ have been added to your cart
  • Refresh your Account page.  You'll find a new BUCK$ code for the amount you just withdrew is listed under Pending BUCK$ Codes below the WITHDRAWAL button
  • Click Share these BUCK$ to the right of the amount you withdrew
  • Enter your recipient’s name as you would greet them (ex ‘Pat’ or ‘Dr. Pat’), your recipient’s email address, and type a short message to your recipient (ex. ‘Happy Birthday, Dr. Pat!’)
  • Click SHARE

Your BUCK$ recipient will receive an email telling them you shared BUCK$ with them and your short message.  

The code for the BUCK$ you shared will remain under Pending BUCK$ Codes until your recipient uses them.  You’ll also have a copy of that code in your own email as a reference.


Whenever you've made a BUCK$ withdrawal and those BUCK$ haven't been used, you'll see them listed under Pending BUCK$ Codes under your BUCK$ balance on your MY BUCK$ ACCOUNT page.  You can redeposit any of those withdrawals back into your account balance at any time.  Just click Redeposit BUCK$, and those BUCK$ will be re-added to your BUCK$ balance.

Note: If you had shared or gifted the BUCK$ that you just redeposited, your BUCK$ recipient will not be able to redeem the gifted BUCK$.

We love sharing BUCK$ with you as a thank you for shopping with us, but everything has its limits. In order to try to keep the books manageable, if you haven’t used your BUCK$ in six months of receiving them, they will expire and no longer be available. The good news is we’re constantly bringing in new items, so you should always find something to spend your BUCK$ on.