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REFILL OF TWO CHARRED OAK STICKS - Charred oak aging sticks fit right in the stopper/pourer of the refillable Viski Kit. Each stick is good for one aging use of up to 6 weeks. Used sticks can be used for barbecue smoking and even craft brewing.

OAK AGING AT HOME - The charred oak interior of bourbon barrels act as a filter and flavor enhancer for the spirits within, developing a rich taste over the course of years. These charred oak sticks mimic aspects of this process, and in much less time.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR LIQUOR - These sticks are designed for easy removal for a hassle-free home aging experience. Perfect for whiskey lovers who want to experiment with different aging times, or for mixologists looking to take their cocktails up a notch.

COMPARE AGED WHISKEY WITH UN-AGED WHISKEY AND TASTE THE DIFFERENCE - The taste difference is substantial even after just a week or 2 of aging with the charred oak stick. Try a taste test of the same whiskey aged and un-aged for a fun happy hour activity.

Ships from San Francisco, on the next weekday . Same day in-store pickup also available.
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