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Instantly create ambiance with our simple and elegant Stinson Incense/Candle Tray Set. A low trough-style tray and the three round dishes in it are all made from sand-cast aluminum with an antique brass finish.The tray features a shiny ear-like handle at each end for style and portability, and a slightly textured exterior resulting from the casting process. One round dish is designed to safely hold a stick of incense in its center island, while a second round dish provides a sturdy base for a single taper candle. The third round dish features a textured striking surface on a central well that holds matchsticks, and a moat around it where used matches can cool. Taper holder and match striker dishes include a single tab handle for safe and easy placement. Note that match striker requires the use of strike-anywhere matches. Taper candle, incense stick and matches not included. Set is also available in a nickel-plated finish.

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