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$ 189

This unique, organic-shaped mirror is a new addition to our Hubba Family. With a special keyhole to help orient this mirror in 8 different ways, hang Pebble in a way that best fits your space. This playful mirror makes a perfect addition to a variety of spaces in the home - from entryway to bathrooms, playrooms and more. It measures 24 x 36 inches and has a thin, decorative metallic finishde frame.

CONTEMPORARY, ORGANIC SHAPE: Hubba's soft, organic shape adds dimension and whimsy to your space, while still remaining modern in design

EIGHT ORIENTATIONS: Pebble can be oriented in eight different orientations, depending on your space and preference

THIN METALLIC FINISHED FRAME: Hubba Pebble measures 24 x 36 inches and features a thin metallic finished frame

PART OF THE HUBBA MIRROR FAMILY: Hubba Pebble is part of Umbra's Hubba Mirror Collection including, Hubba Arched Mirror, Hubba Wall Mirror and Hubba Arched Leaning Mirror

90% MIRROR, 8% PVC, 2% STEEL

36.13 x 1 x 24

Ships for FREE from Eastern US. Typically ships within 7 business days.