Message from the owner

Hi, my name is Seth, and STAG & MANOR is the fruition of a long held dream of mine.  I’ve always had a passion for modern design and in the past decade, have dreamed of cresting a place where I can surround guests with products that bring joy and help to bring great design to everyone.  

I favor making great design accessible to everyone.   That’s why there is a very concerted effort to offer modern goods at prices just about anyone could enjoy.  Great design isn’t often cheap though, so you will find a range of prices throughout the shop in hopes that there's something for everyone.

Hopefully, you'll notice a global perspective in the STAG & MANOR collection.  My mom instilled a love for travel in me at an early age, and I guess I've developed a reputation as a prolific traveler.  (If you ever want some travel advice, just ask.)  My travels have given me a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures throughout the world, and my hope is to bring that appreciation to the collection while staying true to a modernist's design aesthetic.  You might find items in the SPIRITED collection that seem to contradict that idea, but those items, from a design perspective, are intended to be layered into the minimalist products to add a little flavor, a little spice, a little spirit.

Speaking of the SPIRITED collection, many of its items directly support global communities that could use a leg up.  By purchasing from artisans working in their own communities, STAG & MANOR (and you) are adding to the economic opportunity of those communities. 

Further, several of STAG & MANOR's donation recipients are organizations that continue that mission of supporting disadvantaged communities.  (A percentage of every sale is donated.  Check out the About page for more about that.) 

Beside supporting disadvantaged communities through our purchasing and donations practices, I aim with STAG & MANOR to focus on products that celebrate (rather than hurt) the planet and the animals we share the planet with.  You'll find a specificity in regards to materials used in our products (not perfectly, but purposefully), and as you can read more about on the About page, STAG & MANOR aims to avoid leather, hides, fur, and feathers in our products.

Everyone has to make their own choices about how they participate in our world.  These are some of mine.  I hope my love for this venture comes across in the shop, and I hope you'll find something you appreciate within it.

Faithfully yours,