Rainbow Honor Walk

Alan Turing Rainbow Honor Wa;lk Bronze Tile

The Rainbow Honor Walk, located in San Francisco’s world-famous neighborhood Castro district, features bronze sidewalk plaques that honor Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer individuals who have made a significant impact in global history. The board, formed in 2008 by local community members and allies, is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization.

It's main objective is to recognize and highlight the achievements and contributions to humankind made by LGBTQ people. Now spanning many city blocks, the Rainbow Honor Walk public art installation is an educational and inspirational walk among some of the world's greatest LGBTQ pioneers. Discover how these brave individuals persevered while facing immense oppression and adversity. Learn More


The Rainbow Honor Walk starts on the 2200 block of Market at 15th & Sanchez, > continues south on Market to Castro Street, > then south on Castro Street from the 400 block to the 500 block, > and then turns right/west on 19th Street. 

Even addresses are on the north and west sides of streets.  Odd addresses are on the south and east sides of streets. (STAG & MANOR: 2327 Market. Castro Theatre: 429 Castro. Harvey's Camera Shop: 575 Castro.)

Jane Addams 426 Castro
Alvin Ailey 2285 Market
W.H. Auden 2266 Market
Josephine Baker 2332 Market
James Baldwin 444 Castro
Gladys Bently 2295 Market
Glenn Burke 2349 Market
George Choy 468 Castro
Quentin Crisp 2240 Market
Divine 2298 Market
Marie Equi 2280 Market
Feredoun Farrokhzad 2380 Market
Federico Garcia Lorca 486 Castro
Alan Ginsberg 530 Castro
Keith Haring 546 Castro
Harry Hay 566 Castro
Christine Jergensen 586 Castro
Barbara Jordan 2362 Market
Frida Kahlo 4100 19th St
Kiyoshi Kuromiya 2352 Market
Audre Lorde 2238 Market
Del Martin 4121 19th St
Leonard Matlovich 2301 Market
Freddy Mercury 2253 Market
Harvey Milk 575 Castro
Yukio Mishma 4138 19th St
Sally Ride 2398 Market
Sylvia Rivera 2299 Market
Vito Russo 2300 Market
Bayard Rustin 4105 19th St
Jose Sarria 2399 Market
Maurice Sendak 2231 Market
Randy Shilts 587 Castro
Rikki Streicher 2365 Market
Gerry Studds 2269 Market
Gertrude Stein 565 Castro
Lou Sullivan 2310 Market
Sylvester 549 Castro
Alan Turing 527 Castro
Chevela Vargas 2319 Market
Tom Waddell 495 Castro
We’Wha 2333 Market
Oscar Wilde 471 Castro
Tennessee Williams 445 Castro
Virginia Wolf 409 Castro


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