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$ 45

Brighten up bad weather. This is an umbrella like no other! A black canopy with a metallic gold underside that reveals a golden glow when opened; you’ll be walking along under your personal ray of sunshine with this stylish, compact umbrella.

Reinforced carbon-fibre struts help to battle the windiest of weather so you can tackle the gloom and brighten up any dreary day, wherever you go. Lightweight and portable too so it’s ideal for backpacks and bags and will free up valuable space among your travel essentials!

This stunning, standard size umbrella (100cm/39in diameter when open) is supplied with a with a matching, slip-on case so that you won’t leave any dangerous drips.

Stay dry in style with a beautiful brolly that stands out in the crowd.

Ships from San Francisco, on the next weekday. Same day in-store pickup also available.
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