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$ 195

Coffee aficionados consider the pour-over  brewing process (pouring hot water over freshly ground beans to release their flavour) to result in the most fully flavoured and richly balanced cup of coffee.    

Kinto's Slow Coffee family of accessories have been meticulously crafted to enhance  every aspect of the coffee-brewing process, introducing a considered thoughtfulness to this daily act and allowing you to produce your ideal hot drink.

The Slow Coffee brewer stand set provides all you need for the ultimate pour-over coffee. A stand with walnut base and brass armature supports a stainless steel filter which may be used repeatedly. Stainless steel filters draw more oil from the coffee beans, resulting in a richly tasting cup of coffee.  

The glass serving jug allows you to observe the percolating process. A glass holding cup is provided to store the filter once the drip-through process is completed. holding cup.

[stand] W6.5 x D5.1 x H9.8 in
[filter] φ4.7 x H3.5 in
[brewer] φ4.7 x H3.7 in
[server] φ3.1 x H4.4 x W5.4 mm / 23.8 oz
[holder] φ3.2 x H2.4 in

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