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$ 349

Inspired by a vintage African ikat textile, this exclusive geometric design begins with premium organic cotton. Using a double-beam technique on a dobby loom, we weave an original pattern of lines, diamonds and zigzags. Heavier-weight yarns then punctuate the subtler hues with bright pops of color. The effect is a relaxed, gently crinkled hand feel with rich variations in both tone and texture.



Rooted in Point Reyes, CA, and connecting people to the raw beauty and transformative power of nature since 1991, Coyuchi elevated organic home goods to pioneer conscious luxury without compromise. Drawing from the hues and facets of nature, we create indulgently soft, heirloom-quality pieces that enliven your living spaces with effortless elegance.

Each element of a Coyuchi home flows with the pure restorative energy of the earth, sustainably sourced and thoughtfully crafted to inspire well-being and connect generations.

The name is derived from the Aztec language Nahuatl, where Coyuchi represents the color of cotton in its raw, authentic state. Coyuchi is committed to helping our environment, farmers, and craftspeople thrive—transparency and accountability without a stitch of compromise. Quality and impact are woven into everything we do.

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