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$ 12

Clear Glass Drinking Straws with Reusable Cleaning Brush

These beautiful straight clear glass drinking straws are great for sipping coffee, water, organic juices, and more!  There is a reusable cleaning brush included helping make cleaning your glass straw a little bit easier, but really, just throw it in the dishwasher, and you're good.

But isn't glass fragile?  Not this glass.  You don't have to worry about dropping or banging these straws (within reason, of course)--they're remarkably resilient.

They are 9.5 mm Diameter glass straws which is about the same as most standard drinking straws and can come in 8 inch or 6.5 inch cocktail lengths.  This is the best straw to travel with since it works with most beverages including a smoothie or milkshake.

Wondering how easy they are to clean?  We use high-quality borosilicate glass which makes them extremely durable and dishwasher safe.  No dishwasher?  That’s okay, we include a reusable cleaning brush with every single straw.  We try to make cleaning them a breeze.

Glass straws are an excellent Eco-Friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws while being easy to clean and reusable.  There are way too many plastic straws being used in a day (500 MILLION) and we are just trying to reduce that number.  If we all see that there is an alternative out there then we will start to make a change.  All it takes is to remember to say “No Straw Please” when eating or drinking out.  And if you bring your own reusable straw you will still have a straw to use.  Let’s reduce the amount of single-use plastics and refuse plastic straws!

Ships from San Francisco, on the next weekday. Same day in-store pickup also available.
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