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$ 45

Cartonic 3D puzzles are the easy and eco way to create a genuine piece of cardboard art. It's a pre-cut kit of cardboard slices, as simple as 1-2-3. During creation, you will literally witness its formation layer by layer. Once you're done, you can make your artwork even more unique by painting it or enjoying it as is in your home decor. But we should warn that you might need a new one right after the assembly because the process is kind of addictive.

Gnomes are quite small and mostly live underground according to fairytales. They were crafty miners but somehow ended up being really popular as garden keepers. Not all gnomes are kind, they may be evil too. But this cardboard fellow is a good one, just assemble the puzzle and see it yourself. You can color him and put it as home decor to keep the house and all the inhabitants safe and happy. But don’t forget the hat can be of any color as soon as the color is red.

Quantity: 98 pcs
Assembled puzzle size: 18,5x12x10 cm and 7,22x4,68x3,9 in

We are proud to design and produce our puzzles in Ukraine 🇺🇦. And we hope you’ll get hooked with the cartonizing process just as we are.

Ships from San Francisco, on the next weekday. Same day in-store pickup also available.
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