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Since launching his practice in 2001 with The Lawns, which was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize, Nick Eldridge has become renowned for his beautiful bespoke houses. This book provides a wide-ranging survey of his key projects up to the present day including the Manser Medal-winning house, Greenways in Coombe Park. Eldridge is an architectural storyteller: thoughtfully responding to different landscapes, settings, histories, and clients, each house explores fresh narratives, while at the same time, being connected by strong threads to a cohesive body of work. Throughout the book Eldridge’s work explores and experiments: his houses feel fresh and different, lifted by an innovative approach to tectonic engineering and form fused with a passion for artisanal interiors, fine detailing, and characterful materials. They show the architect’s varied influences: from Arts & Crafts and mid-century modern through to hi-tech design. The projects analysed in the book are broadly divided into two main sections: new build projects, and highly imaginative, responsive adaptations, extensions, and reinventions of existing buildings.

176 pages
10.8 in H | 9 in W | 1 in T | 3 lb Wt

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