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Enjoy the gentle glow of a candle lit room with these simple, unscented, ivory candles. Made of paraffin wax, these candles will burn evenly and smoke-free if the following simple steps are take.

1. when first burning any pillar candle it is recommended to burn the candle for approximately 10 minutes per diameter inch then blow it out. This helps set the "well" for wax retention.

2. do not burn for longer than one hour per diameter inch to prevent the exterior wax wall from becoming compromised. This helps ensure the integrity of the candle sides.

3. only burn candles away from drafts such as air and heat vents, windows etc. Oxygen is fuel for fire and increased oxygen flow intensifies burning flames to a point beyond the natural burn and creates excess liquid wax. This extra liquid wax can not be contained within the well of the pillar or taper and will spill out.

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