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$ 109

Personalize your cocktails with custom infused liquor. This kit includes everything you need to easily infuse whiskey, vodka, gin, and more with herbs and spices. The infusion rod easily filters out the leftover botanicals, while the stopper/pourer allows you to taste test until you achieve a balanced flavor.

INFUSE ANY LIQUOR - The Alchemi Spirit Infusion Kit allows you to infuse any liquor with botanicals, fruits, herbs, spices, and more. Designed to streamline the infusion process and cut extra steps like straining, it’s the ultimate flavor hack.

INCLUDES 500 ML BOTTLE, INFUSION ROD, AND 5 BOTANICALS - With a 500 ml bottle, infusion rod with built-in strainer and stopper/pourer, and 5 botanicals to get you started, this kit works with whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and most liquors.

HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL, GLASS, & SILICONE - The stainless steel filter keeps your spirits free of sediment, while the silicone seal protects from contaminants. The stopper/pourer allows you to taste-test until you reach the perfect intensity.

GREAT GIFT FOR ASPIRING MIXOLOGISTS - A unique gift for craft cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders, this infuser system is an easy way to add complex flavor to any liquor. Pair with a bottle of whiskey or vodka for the perfect cocktail gift.

THE SCIENCE OF GREAT DRINKS - Alchemi by Viski combines technology with mixology. Rethink your home bar with innovative products that allow you to explore new flavors, create unique drinks, and experience the cutting edge of the craft cocktail world.

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