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set of 2

HIGHBALL: Timeless and versatile, these highball glasses are perfect for cocktails that require an unimpeded view, such as a tequila sunrise or classic mojito. A modern, subtly refined highball glass creates a striking presentation that is impossible to match. These essential pieces of glassware let the drink speak for itself.

MANHATTAN: The Manhattan glass from Viski is the best way to enjoy timeless cocktails; a heavy base and modern design keep things interesting. Clean, modern lines give a sleek feel to this cocktail glass, enhancing your sipping experience. What better accompaniment to cocktail hour?

MEZCAL: Inspired by a traditional mezcal copita, this glass is a contemporary vessel for enjoying Oaxaca's finest. Lead-free crystal provides utter clarity and an unparalleled drinking experience, recalling the silhouette of the traditional clay cups used to sip this smoky, agave-based spirit.

NEGRONI: If a cocktail deserves its own week, it deserves its own glass. These specialized old fashioned glasses are refined and refreshingly unique, just like the Negroni. Most importantly, they were designed specifically for the classic cocktail. Essential Negroni ingredients now include not just Campari, gin and vermouth, but also these glasses. Is the Negroni the perfect cocktail? It is now.

PEARL DIVER: The Pearl Diver is a classic, silky cocktail with a storied past‘”and its very own glass style. Invented by the grandfather of Polynesian Pop, this infamous drink borrows from the 1930s novelty of the South Pacific, lending a distinct silhouette to the cocktail landscape with its ribbed stem and distinctive wide bowl.

- Lead-free crystal glass - Versatile highball glasses - Set of 2 With an ideal weight and feel, this set of cocktail glasses feels as good in your hand as they look on your bar. Mix a Mojito with some friends, or simply pour yourself a gin & tonic and enjoy a refreshing nightcap in style.

MINIMALIST CRYSTAL HIGHBALL GLASS SET : This beautiful pair of cocktail glasses has a heavy, rounded base and smooth glass for a uniquely modern feel. This set of whiskey tumblers looks great on a bar cart or in your liquor cabinet.

PERFECT FOR TALL COCKTAILS : A generous 16 oz capacity leaves plenty of room for cocktails such as a Tom Collins, or frozen and blended cocktails such as a Pi±a Colada.

SPARKLING LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL : Celebrate with your favorite bourbon, rum, or rye with these beautifully designed, versatile tumblers. The smooth crystal, minimalist design, and clean lines create a glassware set with an elegant, contemporary flair.

IMPRESS FRIENDS AND GUESTS : Give this set of tumblers as a gift to cocktail lovers, gifts for Father‘™s day, or housewarming gifts. Impress visitors by sharing your favorite drink in high-quality crystal highball glasses with timeless minimalist style.

STRIKING VISKI CRYSTAL DESIGN : Viski embodies the high-end beverage experience. From slender champagne flutes to red wine globes, the brand is driven by striking design. Each Viski collection explores a timeless drinkware style.

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