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$ 55

Chill your spirits to perfection with no dilution of flavor. There's no secret technique: just the proprietary cooling gel that lies between this glass' double walls. It's an elegant way to keep drinks cool and flavorful for hours.
  • Holds 6 oz
  • Clear glass
  • Double walled
  • Built-in cooling gel
  • PKG: Shelf Box

THE PERFECT CHILL WITH NO DILUTION - Treat your quality whiskeys with respect. This whiskey tumbler is engineered to keep drinks cold without watering down your alcohol over time, and without the need for whiskey stones.

BUILT-IN COOLING GEL - Enjoy an old fashioned, whiskey highball, manhattan, or a neat pour of bourbon or scotch without watering down your quality ingredients. Works great as a cocktail glass for mixed cocktails or as a rocks glass.

REAL DOUBLE WALLED GLASS - No plastic or silicone here. Just real glass that you can freeze. Freeze the cooling gel in your freezer, or just chill it in the fridge for a lighter cooling effect that may be perfect for your more subtle whiskies.

INNOVATIVE GIFT FOR WHISKEY LOVERS - This whiskey glass set is perfect for dad, or any whiskey lover or scotch enthusiast who strives for the ideal spirit sipping experience. No need for ice molds, ice spheres, whiskey rocks or chilling stones.

SLEEK AND MODERN WHISKEY GLASS SHAPE - Compared to other freezable mugs or glasses, this whiskey tumbler has a way classier look, since it‘™s just real glass and cooling gel without garish plastic patterns. Holds 6 oz.

Ships from Central US. Typically ships within 3 business days.