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$ 75

Life looks a lot rosier when you pour your wine from this rose-hued decanter. Tinted a delicate pink with a gilded rim, this crystal decanter is the perfect vessel for aerating and serving your favorite vintages. Lead-free crystal. Pink with gold rim. Fits 1 standard wine bottle.

PINK TINTED WINE DECANTER - Smooth curves and a rosy pink hue give this decanter a vintage barware look meets contemporary silhouettes. Bring flair to your wine service and bring the best out of your finest vintages. Suitable for red and white wine.

LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL BARWARE - Sparkling lead-free crystal construction and a gilded rim enhance your wine-sipping experience. Serve any wine in this elegant crystal decanter to aerate the vintage and enhance the aroma, bouquet, and mouthfeel.

FITS ONE STANDARD WINE BOTTLE – In this gilded crystal decanter, rounded crystal creates a broad base for optimal aeration of one standard bottle, before slanting inward to form a slim pour spout for smooth pouring.

STYLISH DECANTER MAKES A DAZZLING GIFT - Give this stunning glass decanter as a practical, contemporary wedding gift or housewarming gift for wine lovers. Pair with a set of rose pink wine glasses and your favorite bottle of wine for the perfect gift.

OLD FASHIONED HOSPITALITY - Twine makes hosting a breeze with functional serveware, practical kitchen accessories, and stylish home decor. From cute cake stands to rustic cheese boards and gilded glassware, Twine ties everything together.

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