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$ 55

Chip away pieces of ice for a flawless frozen libation using the industrial strength of stainless steel. Curved stained wood tapers into three razor-sharp metal points, wielding enough force to crack and crush any chunk of ice with ease.
-Polished Beechwood
-Ergonomic Handle
-Three-Pronged Tip
-Perfect for Breaking Down Blocks of Ice

ARTISANAL ICE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Easily and quickly split and crush ice with this three pronged ice picker. It is the perfect bar tool for breaking down blocks of ice into smaller, flawless shards or shaping spheres for craft cocktails.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN & PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - The polished curved beechwood handle feels comfortable and secure in the hand, while the industrial grade stainless steel tips give you increased control and flexibility so you can customize your drink experience.

UPGRADE YOUR HOME BAR - For a truly elevated craft cocktail experience, hand-shaped ice is a must. This durable, classic ice pick allows you to chip, shave, or shape large blocks of ice to craft flawless, elegant ice spheres, cubes, and more.

ENTERTAIN GUESTS WHILE YOU SHOW OFF YOUR BARTENDING SKILLS - This ice pick will make you a better home bartender. It also creates a fun spectacle, and your guests will feel the difference when you hand them a drink with fresh chipped ice.

STYLISH VISKI DESIGN - Viski‘™s classic design gives this sturdy wooden ice pick a vintage feel, blending professional quality with an homage to the spirited history of American barware. Enjoy bar tools that will last a lifetime.

Ships from Central US. Typically ships within 3 business days.