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$ 29

Spills happen, but they don’t have to ruin your evening or your favorite shirt. Alchemi Wine Stain Remover by Viski quickly removes red wine, juice, or other dark stains from clothing, carpets, furniture, and fabric. Perfect for traveling or a night out. Made in the USA.

POCKET WINE STAIN REMOVER - Stash this handy 4 oz. spray bottle in your bag and you’ll be ready the next time someone spills wine on your favorite dress. Formulated specifically for red wine and perfect for juice, coffee, and even blood.

NON-TOXIC FORMULA WITH FRESH SCENT - Made with a proprietary enzyme blend and a natural fresh fragrance, this wine stain remover removes tough stains without ruining your clothes and smells good doing it. Perfect for happy hour accidents.

USE TO TREAT FABRIC, UPHOLSTERY, CARPET, AND TABLE LINENS - Wherever you’ve had a wine spill, the Alchemi Wine Stain Remover is ready to get to work. Just spray the stain remover on the dark stain, wait, and blot the stain away. Repeat as needed.

A UNIQUE AND USEFUL WINE GIFT - A useful addition to any wine gift basket or as a white elephant gift, stocking stuffer, or a small gift for any occasion. Elegant packaging and compact size makes it ideal for travel, a night out, or a dinner party.

DIRECTIONS: Blot stain. Spray stain thoroughly, and wait 5 minutes. Spray again and blot. Repeat if needed. To remove any lingering marks, apply a small amount of liquid detergent and wash item. Do not dry if stain remains or it may set permanently.

Ships from Central US. Typically ships within 3 business days.