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Do you love the look of hanging plants in your window, or the idea of growing an indoor herb garden in your kitchen, but no room to keep them? Then this clever hanging planter is perfect for you…

Introducing Triflora Hanging Planter from Umbra

Triflora is a hanging planter for indoor plants that combines the utility of a drapery rod with the beauty of potted plants.

Great for herbs, succulents, vine plants and more, Triflora Hanging Planter mounts to your wall or ceiling and adds functionality to your window by turning it into a space for growing plants.

You can adjust the length of Triflora’s ropes and slide them anywhere along the metal rod to customize the position of each hanging pot. The durable melamine pots can hold standard 3-inch diameter pots (so there’s no need for re-potting).

This unique and innovative design was created by Dayna Mailach and Chris Snell for Umbra and is the winner of the 2019 IHA (International Housewares Show) “Best of Show” award.

Triflora Hanging Planter measures 24 x 5 inches (60.69 x 12.7 cm) and comes with 43 inches (109.22 cm) of rope; perfect for any standard-size 24-inch window.

For an easy and elegant space-saving solution for growing plants, or a herb garden, in your window, order Triflora from Umbra today.

DISPLAY PLANTS IN ANY WINDOW: By hanging 3 small planters on an extendable metal rod, Triflora makes it easy to water and display plants in your window without taking up space on the window sill

ADJUSTS HORIZONTALLY AND VERTICALLY: Slide Triflora’s three ropes along the metal rod and adjust their lengths to fully customize the placement of each hanging planter

HOLDS STANDARD SIZE POTS: Triflora hanging planter features durable melamine planters that fits standard 3-inch diameter pots; so, there’s no need for re-potting. Holds up to 22lbs.

ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED: Triflora comes with mounting hardware, fits any standard 24-inch window, and can be ceiling or wall-mounted; ideal for herbs, succulents, vines and more

DESIGNED BY CHRIS SNELL AND DAYNA MAILACH: Chris and Dayna were inspired by the DIY crafts that people have created to hang plants in their windows and wanted to simplify the process.


24.75 x 42 x 5.75 in.

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