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Create a green wall in your living space with an easy to use, modern and eye-catching set of wall vessels from Umbra. Introducing Floralink by Umbra. Floralink is a set of three wall vessels that link together and hold indoors plants like succulents. They make an eye-catching statement on your wall thanks to their fresh white color and brass hardware. Combine and link multiple sets together to create a live garden on your wall. These pretty molded vessels have a shape inspired by organ pipes and can be used to hold items aside from plants, making them a compact open storage item, great for small spaces. Easy to mount, these vessels include all hanging hardware and each set of three only requires one hole in the wall to be hung up, great for rental spaces where you must keep holes in the wall to a minimum. Details: Floralink comes in white with brass hardware. Each vessel holds up to 5 lbs. and measures 4 dia. x 9 ¾ inches (10 dia. x 24.7 cm). Add greenery to your home and make an impact on your walls by ordering Floralink today. About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual, and functional design for the home.
LINKED WALL PLANTERS: Floralink wall planters come as a set of three and can be linked like a chain. By connecting these vessels you can create a green wall in your home. Mount multiple sets of Floralink to your wall for a breathtaking wall display.
MODERN WALL VESSELS: These molded wall vessels come in a fresh shade of white with pretty brass hardware for linking and mounting to the wall
UNIQUE STORAGE SOLUTONS: DIY living wall systems/vertical wall gardens inspired Sung wook to create Floralink; the shape of the vessels was derived from organ pipes
EASY TO MOUNT: Only one hole is needed to mount a trio of Floralink, they connect to one another via a small knob at the bottom of each vessel and the small hole at the top. Each vessel holds up to 5 lbs. and measures 4 dia. x 10 inches.
ALTERNATE USES: Floralink doesn’t just work as a set of planters, you can use it to organize tools you use to get ready in the morning, craft supplies like paintbrushes, or to keep items like sunglasses and keys handy for when you head out the door.
27.25 x 4 x 4 in

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