12 Home Items That Are Actually Worth the Splurge

12 Home Items That Are Actually Worth the Splurge

Furnishing a home can be an extremely exciting and rewarding activity. But it can also be an incredibly challenging one. You have space constraints to consider. A consistent aesthetic to keep in mind. And perhaps most pertinently, you have a budget you need to pay attention to every step of the way.


“Sofas and chairs. Anything your body comes into contact with for more than an hour should always be comfortable, crafted from quality materials, and built to last.” —Ana Cummings, principal designer and owner of ANA Interiors

“A sofa is something you use every day, so it’s not an item you should scrimp on. My personal favorite sofa brand—and one I really think works with most interiors—is B&B Italia. Whether it’s a vintage Mario Bellini sofa or a current Charles sectional, you can’t go wrong. These pieces are not only beautiful, but they’re also made to last.” —Christine Stucker, co-principal designer at Stewart-Schafer


“There is nothing worse than a drawer that keeps coming off track, right? Seek quality in dressers and other pieces of furniture with moving parts that are used frequently. (Think: solid wood construction and dovetail joints.)” —Amber Harris, decorator and owner of At Home DC

Statement Pieces and Accessories

“Statement pieces (functional or otherwise) are worth splurging on. These are the items that make a home wonderfully unique, and they can turn into things you pass on to loved ones down the line. They can hold value, and they don’t tend to incur a ton of wear and tear.” —Justina Blakeney, designer, author, and entrepreneur

“Accessories warm up the space and give the home life. While you can find beautiful inexpensive accessories, there are some unique items that are worth splurging on.” —Mary Maydan, principal designer and founder of Maydan Architects

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