The Green Pallet Isn't Just for Houseplants Anymore

The Green Pallet Isn't Just for Houseplants Anymore

Recently, a different shade has taken center stage, and of course, we can't get enough of it: green.

Gorgeous, vibrant, and often woven in with tons of houseplants, green boho rooms call to mind afternoons spent in a garden or walking among trees. But verdant foliage isn't the only way to represent — we've spotted accent walls, tile backsplashes, and decorative items like area rugs and throw pillows that get the job done, too.

If green boho rooms are calling your name and you want to combine pops of emerald with your rattan furniture and woven wall hangings, these spaces will leave you feeling inspired, or maybe even a little envious.


1. Green cabinets are giving us life


2. Let a green sofa take center stage


3. Toss in eye-catching patterns


4. It’s all about texture


5. Place the focus on an accent wall

Envious for more green rooms? Visit our friend's at Hunker.

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