Which Plants Are Best for Your Bedroom?

Which Plants Are Best for Your Bedroom?

Many factors contribute to good bedroom design that supports healthy sleep. While you shouldn't overlook important details such as choosing the right mattress for your needs or lighting that's calming at night but illuminating during the day, small details matter, too. One of those small but important details is bedroom plant choice.

Amy Highland and NASA research round up the top interior plants that can offer indoor air pollution abatement.

Tall cactus plants are great floor plants and are best suited for a floor planter pot

Good sleep doesn't just happen anywhere. A healthy sleep environment is needed to offer the best place to get a good night's sleep. In general, you should create a room that offers comfort, calmness, and is free of distractions and irritants that can interfere with sleep.

Key factors for a healthy sleep environment include comfortable bedding, minimal noise, darkness at night, and a low temperature. Another important factor is air quality.

Generally, plants can improve indoor air quality, but some are better than others. NASA's research identified several plants that are particularly useful for removing harmful chemicals from your bedroom air. These plants can improve indoor air quality:

- Peace lily
- Chrysanthemum
- English ivy
- Bamboo palm
- Mums
- Gerbera daisies
- Ficus

Read all of Amy's tips over at Design Ideas for the Built World.

All of these plants with the best improvement to air quality need a good vase or pot. Stag and Manor has curated planter pots with refined, minimalist forms and colors, bringing warmth and soul to minimalist design pieces.

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