Floating Mirror Hardwood Shelf - Large
by The Iron Roots Designs

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$ 549

Display functional art in your home. This Modern and Minimalist Floating Mirror Shelf offers an aesthetically clean way to store and display your valuables in your living room, bathroom, office, or entryway. Built with Black American Walnut and a premium 24" round mirror. Each shelf is hand finished with two coats of high grade natural oil furniture finish.

The easy mounting process makes this shelf reversible as well so the mirror can be on the right or the left. Mounted to the wall with 5 inch rods that slide into the backside of the shelf for ultimate sturdiness. This shelf can hold up to 70 lbs when mounted into studs or using drywall anchors. Easy step by step mounting instructions included.

Proudly built inSan Franciscoby The Iron Roots Designs

Shelf Dimensions:

Width: 50 in.

Depth: 8 in.

Wood Thickness: 7/8 in.

Mirror Size:24 in.


About The Iron Roots Designs

Since 2013, The Iron Roots Designs has designed products to look at ease in any home and style, while also drawing eyes and starting conversations. Every detail of our work is designed with that intention and purpose.

Intentionality doesn’t stop there. Once designed, our products are proudly hand crafted in our SF workshop using sustainable hardwood providers and zero waste woodworking techniques. We work exclusively in high grade Black Walnut and White Maple to hold focus on the clean lines of the pieces. From the first saw cut to the final coat of natural furniture oil, you can be sure that we take pride in crafting your piece of minimalist decor the right way every time.

Home is an act of beauty. Come unlock that beauty with us.

Made to order and ships for FREE from San Francisco. Standard production time is 5-15 business days.

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